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Step into the future with Pay by QR, the ground-breaking solution that is reshaping the world of payments. Our state-of-the-art QR code system blends the effortless simplicity of scanning a QR code with the formidable security capabilities of the SOTpay+ payment gateway. Add to this the convenience of Google Pay and Apple Pay, and you've got an unrivalled customer present way to pay.

Transactions Protected
2.5 Million+
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Experience the Magic of Pay by QR

Transform your payment experience into a breeze with Pay by QR. Here's how it works:



Just point your smartphone camera at the merchant's Pay by QR code and snap. Forget clunky apps, your smartphone camera is your ticket to instant payments!



The QR code whisks you away to a secure payment gateway. Here, you are the boss – choose to pay with your credit/debit card or opt for your preferred digital wallet, be it Google Pay or Apple Pay.



Safely enter your details and with one last tap – voila! Your payment is done. Simple, isn't it?

Securing Your Trust with Every Transaction

At Gala Technology, your security is our highest priority. We leverage cutting-edge SOTpay+ technology to encrypt every transaction and protect your sensitive financial information. Say goodbye to the fear of card skimming. Your physical card stays with you, always.

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Touch-free, Hassle-free – A Perfect Match

In an era where contactless is the new normal, Pay by QR is your ultimate ally. Offering a swift, efficient, and completely touch-free method of payment, we redefine convenience. And with Google Pay and Apple Pay in our corner, you have the liberty to pay your way.

QR code payments offer advantages to many business sectors due to their flexibility, speed, and ability to enhance the customer experience. Here are a few sectors that can particularly benefit from QR code payments:

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QR code payments provide a quick and contactless way for customers to pay, which can improve checkout speed and efficiency. They also allow for integration with loyalty and rewards programs.

Taxi Services

QR code payments can significantly improve the payment process in taxis. Instead of worrying about having enough cash on hand or their card being accepted, customers can simply scan the QR code provided by the driver at the end of their journey and pay through their preferred mobile payment app. This leads to a seamless, contactless transaction that is convenient for both the passenger and the driver. In addition, it can also speed up the payment process, allowing drivers to serve more passengers in a shorter period.

Debt Recovery and Collections

QR code payments can streamline the process of collecting payments for debts or overdue invoices. By including a QR code on paper or digital invoices, collections agencies and businesses can provide an easy, quick method for debtors to complete payments instantly. This not only improves the customer experience but also significantly hastens the payment collection process.

Restaurants and Bars

QR codes can be used for menus as well as payments, enabling customers to order and pay from their table without waiting for service. This can improve customer experiences and increase table turnover rates.


QR codes can be used on screens for app-based payments, making the checkout process smoother and potentially improving conversion rates. They can also be used in advertising to direct potential customers to product pages.

Events and Entertainment

At concerts, festivals, and other events, QR codes can speed up transactions and reduce the need for cash handling. They can also be used for ticket sales and entry.

Transportation and Parking

QR codes can be used for ticket purchases, reducing the need for physical tickets and speeding up boarding processes.


In hotels and resorts, QR codes can be used for everything from check-in to ordering room service, improving guest experiences.


Various service-based businesses, like home services, beauty salons, and gyms, can benefit from QR code payments by reducing their payment processing time and improving client convenience.

Welcome the Future Today with Pay by QR

With Pay by QR, clunky card machines and the ordeal of handling cash are relics of the past. Step into the future with the unbeatable combination of simplicity, security, and speed. Eager to join the revolution? Get in touch with us today.

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Link-pay-bank is available now and can be easily integrated into existing payment processes. To learn more about this game-changing payment solution, please visit the Gala Technology website.

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